List of Grants from the Environmental Protection Agency

The US Environmental Protection Agency provides several grants to protect the environment and human health. The mission of the agency is to protect all citizens from potential risks while saving the environment as well. Here are the grants offered by the EPA under various categories.

Liste of Grants form the Department of the Interior

The Department of the Interior of the United States is responsible for the conservation and management of the natural resources, honor, heritage and culture of the tribal communities and the supply of energy.

Energy Cluster Program Grants

Clusters can be described as economy drivers as they help in driving the growth and economic development of the nation. Clusters are such concentrations of companies that have similar interests, are serving similar clients and use the skill and knowledge of the workforce to develop new products and services. These clusters are ideally supported by the trade associations, universities that have the knowledge about the industries, specialized suppliers, funding sources, financial and legal experts and government agencies.

List of Grants from The Department of the Treasury

Working as the treasury and an executive department of the federal government of the United States, the Department of Treasury is responsible for the management of the government revenue.

List of Grants from the Department of Labor

The Department of Labor through its various offices and sub-agencies provides several grants and funding programs.

List of Grants from the Department of Justice

The Department of Justice of the United States of America offers various funds and grants to support research programs, activities of law enforcement and provide technical assistance and training so that the criminal justice system can be improved. The DOJ provides various grants through the Office of Justice Programs, the Office on Violence against Women and Community Oriented Policing Services Offices (COPS).