State Grants and Loans in Massachusetts

The federal government of the United States provides financial aid to its citizens under various programs. This aid is provided to students, homeowners and small businesses to promote well being and overall equality.

Grants and Loans for Students in Massachusetts

The education environment in Massachusetts is very high as some of the most prestigious schools and colleges are located here. Below mentioned are some of the grants, loans and scholarships provided to students studying in various schools of Massachusetts. These grants are administered by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education Office...of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA):

Grants and Loans for Colleges in Massachusetts

The government of Massachusetts provides financial aid to college going students to fund their education. The students may be enrolled in the prestigious Harvard University or any other college in Massachusetts.

Grants and Loans for Homeowners in Massachusetts

Homeownership programs in Massachusetts are aimed to provide financial aid to low and moderate income households to repair and make improvements to their homes. These programs include assistance for mortgage loans, closing cost assistance, mortgage insurance, government mortgage payments, lead paint removal assistance and homebuyer education. These programs are as follows:

Besides these programs, help to homeowners is provided by:

Grants and Loans for Small Businesses in Massachusetts

Small business owners in Massachusetts can get financial aid by way of loans and grant programs. These small business owners have to complete the eligibility requirements to be able to get the loans and grants.

Besides these grants, there are grant programs that are offered for the safety of the employees at the workplace. These are:

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