State Grants and Loans in Mississippi

The residents of Mississippi have access to several grant and loan programs made available by the state of Mississippi. These grants and loans can be used to fund school and college education, can be used by homeowners and can be used to establish or expand existing business in Mississippi.

Grants and Loans for Students

School going students in the state of Mississippi can apply for student loans and grants offered by the state to fund their education. The grants, scholarships and loans are offered on need...and on merit. These programs are as follows:

Besides these grants, students in Mississippi may apply for federal loans available for school-going students. These loans are available at a low rate of interest.

Grants and Loans for Colleges

College going students in Mississippi have a host of state-sponsored programs under which they can apply for various grants and scholarships. These grants and scholarships may be used to fund college education:

Grants and Loans for Homeowners

Low and moderate income home owners in Mississippi can make use of the financial assistance provided by the state to make repairs and improvements to their homes. The state also provides assistance to first time home buyers. The programs for homeowners are as follows:

Other programs offered by the USDA for home repairs are:

Grants and Loans for Small Businesses

The residents of Mississippi can obtain grants and loans for establishing and expanding their small businesses in the state. The federal government provides finances through the State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI). Under the Small Business Loan Guaranty Program the SSBCI provides funds to the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA). Some other finance programs for small businesses in Mississippi are as follows:

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