State Grants and Loans in Nevada

The residents of the state of Nevada are offered financial aid by the state to improve their quality of life. This aid is given to students, homeowners and small businesses so that they may lead a respectable life.

Grants and Loans for Students in Nevada

School going Nevada students can utilize the state administered funds to cover their education costs. Low to moderate income families may apply for loans, scholarships and grants offered to students. Here are these:

Students may also apply for state sponsored low interest loans for students to cover their education costs.

Grants and Loans for College in Nevada

College going students in Nevada have access to a few scholarship, loans and grant programs, the funds of which may be used to cover the college education. These programs are as follows:

To apply for the above mentioned programs, the students must fill in the FAFSA stating their requirement. The scholarships and grants offered by individual colleges may also require an application. Students can also apply for low interest students’ loans if they are unable to find a relevant grant or scholarship program.

Grants and Loans for Homeowners in Nevada

Homeowners in Nevada are offered financial assistance for making repairs and improvements to their homes. Some programs are available for first time home buyers as well.

Resources from where assistance for home repairs may be sought are as follows:

Grants and Loans for Small Businesses in Nevada

Small businesses are vital to the economy and therefore, the state of Nevada provides its residents financial aid to start new ventures or expand the existing ones. This aid is administered by various US agencies and their departments. These are as follows:

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