State Grants and Loans in Ohio

The state of Ohio provides financial assistance to its residents by way of grants and loans. This assistance is an attempt to provide aid to the residents so that they may improve their lives. Various programs have been created to provide this assistance.

Grants and Loans for Students

The state of Ohio provides its students financial assistance to fund their school education. This assistance is offered through grants and scholarships awarded under various programs. Unlike loans, grants need not be repaid, thereby being highly useful for students. The assistance provided under the said programs may be based on the military status, disability, and financial need, merit of the student or a combination of both. The state of Ohio also provides low-interest loans to students so that the cost of education can be borne by the under privileged.

Grants and Loans for Colleges

The college-going students or those students that wish to attend college or university in Ohio are offered financial assistance by the state. The Ohio Board of Regents under the Grants and Scholarships SGS administers the loan assistance programs, grants and scholarships offered to students. These programs are as follows:

Grants and Loans for Small Businesses

The residents of Ohio are encouraged to establish or expand their small businesses to provide employment opportunities to the locals. For this, the state provides financial assistance through various grants and loan programs. Some of these programs are as follows:

Grants and loans for Homeowners

Residents of the state of Ohio are given financial assistance to be the proud owners of their own homes. The state provides assistance by way of grants and loans under different programs enabling the financially-strapped families to own their own homes. These programs are as follows:

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