State Grants and Loans in Vermont

The state government of Vermont provides financial assistance to its citizens in a bid to improve their living conditions. It provides assistance to needy families empowering them to be at par with the other members of the society.

Grants and Loans for Students

There are various programs that offer assistance to students to continue their education even at the graduate level. The assistance is provided by way of grants, loans and scholarships. While students or their parents must pay-back the loans, there is no such compulsion...with the grants and scholarships. The grants and scholarships are mostly need-based. However, there are some scholarships and grants that are merit based as well. The particular grants for students in schools in Vermont can be found with the particular schools. Some of these programs are as follows:

Grants and Loans for Colleges

There are several grants and scholarships offered by the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC). These scholarships are sponsored by the state. However, students may also apply for the college-sponsored scholarships offered by different colleges. Some of the state-sponsored programs are as follows:

Those students that are unable to get the scholarships may apply for the loans offered by the state. These loans are available at low rate of interest and easy to repay options.

Grants and Loans for Homeowners

Homeowners in Vermont can make repairs and improvements to their homes utilizing the funds provided by the state. There are several programs under which this assistance is provided. Here are some of these programs:

There are several resources through which homeowners may receive assistance. These resources are as follows:

Grants and Loans for Small Businesses

Small businesses in the state of Vermont are regarded as an important contributor to the economy. For this reason, the state provides financial assistance to citizens interested in setting up new small business establishments. The financial assistance is also provided for the expansion of the existing units. Some of these programs are as follows:

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